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12 weeks to go from Android Developer to Android Engineer

Team Work - Git, Github, PRs

Nothing will serve any purpose if you don’t know about the basics of working in a team. We’ll see some basic concepts.

SOLID Principles

They are basic if you want to architect Android Apps in a scalable and testable way


Dependency Injection

Now it’s time to understand how dependency inversion can be put into practice! Dependency injection will be a must.

Presentation Patterns - MVP/MVVM

A testable App needs to extract all the logic from the views. Here we’ll see the two most popular patterns in Android world.


We’ve been doing all that to be able to test our Apps. So let’s do it. We are covering both unit and instrumentation tests the Android way.

Clean Architecture

This is where all pieces fit together. To become great App architects we need to understand all the previous concepts an apply them to a good architecture.

  • You’ll join a work  team of 4-5 people to put everything into practice, learn from each other, and push your knowledge to the limits during these 12 weeks.
  • We’ll have periodic live sessions to share our progress and learn from the different approaches.

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